Noumena Corporation

Whitmore Lake

Noumena Corporation is a lean and mean group of experts who provide services to the high-tech community.

We have helped enterpreneurs convert an idea to a product, expand or extend and existing product and can even help you handle your book-keeping when the project has moved from proof-of-concept to revenue generating.

Every person involved with Noumena brings over two decades of real-world experience to the task.

Noumena Corporation has been in business since 2000, providing software solutions and training to companies around the globe.

Let us help you meet your deadlines.

Custom Application Development
Custom applications developed quickly and within budget.

See your ideas become reality!

Noumena provides on-site instructor-led Tcl, Linux and Database training.

Our instruction staff consists world-known experts who bring decades of experience to your site.

Mentoring puts an expert at your elbow.

Get the answers to questions without wasting hours reading the web.

Clif Flynt and Noumena have been supporting Tcl since the mid 1990s.

Some of the free tools, information, white papers, etc are available here.

Clif Flynt has given talks at Open Source events in the US and Europe.

He's always interested in speaking about new developments in Tcl, Linux, and other open source activities.