Noumena Corporation

Whitmore Lake

Noumena will be happy to quote an estimate for developing your Tcl/Tk or C/C++ based application.

Development costs with Tcl/Tk are frequently 1/10'th the cost of a similar project developed in Java or C/C++.

The projects listed are a small subset of the applications we've developed.

Contact Noumena for a quote on turning your ideas into reality.

User Friendly data entry, encrypted database, integration with external compiled libraries, high security and client-server.

Ready for deployment in six months with about 5,000 lines of custom Tcl code and another 1000 lines of custom C code.

Consumer Census Forms
The client needed a data entry application that would duplicate the appearance of the paper forms that were being entered to assist the data-entry users . The application would then generate a database which could be used with SAS.

The application constituted about 5000 lines of Tcl code, on schedule and under budget.

Automated Computer Testing
This application performed automated final tests for a robotic vision system. It controlled the hot/cold chambers, modified the voltages and monitored the systems-under-test.

Real-time conditions were reported as well as detailed reports describing the conditions when a board failed.

This system ran 24/7 for years, allowing the board manufacturer to increase production by a factor of 10 over the previous semi-automated testing.

US Navy
A massive simulation engine running on multiple blades. Coordinating the actions of several external simulators with the primary simulation engine and coordinating between the blades. Generate reports, summaries, and performing automated analysis and human-assisted analysis.

This multi-year project came in under budget with excess of 100 K lines of Tcl code.

Data Collection and Translation Applications
Noumena has written many remote data collecting applications including aggregating usage data from Cisco routers, collecting sales figures from auto-dealers, retrieving news articles from FTP sites and more.

All were developed below the original allocated budget and well within the deadline.

Factory Automation
Many factories are controlled using software from Foxboro controls.

Noumena developed several add-on applications to interact with the Foxboro systems and provide more data to the control system.

These included extensions to interface with color sorters, voltage controllers, temperature sensors and more.